20+ CNY Video Advertisement 2021 — Year of Ox

Malaysia CNY videos 2021

20+ CNY Video Advertisement 2021 — Year of Ox

Year of the Ox 2021 is the most unique Chinese New Year (CNY) for many Malaysians. Apparently, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we communicate and interact.

Despite all the changes, we hope the spirit of Chinese New Year fills your heart with happiness and joy!

Presenting to you some of the best Chinese New Year video advertisements for 2021. We hope you have fun watching them while muching your favourite Chinese New Year cookies!

1. TNB CNY 2021 — Nian-tastic New Start

2. Etiqa 2021 CNY — How do you get from C- To A+?

3. Watsons CNY #HappyBeautiful Year​ 2021

4. Maxis CNY 2021 — Little Lion | 小狮王

5. JinnyboyTV — The Last Dance — CNY 2021

6. Grab Official — CNY 2021: HUATever you want, Grab STILL got

7. YAKULT新年2021《距离遥远 心却相联》(Miles apart, but close at heart)

8. Prudential CNY 2021 — 幸福从心出发 Happiness is a place within you

9. 2021 余仁生新春公益短片 EuYanSang CNY 2021 Short Film

10. SoImJenn — BEST CNY AD 2021?

11. The TESCO ONG Medley 2021 旺歌金曲

12. RHB Chinese New Year 2021: Love Carries On

13. Move Forward with #10000Blessings​ | CIMB CNY 2021

14. COURTS CNY 2021 Where There’s Love, There’s Home

15. Magnum4d — “Wan” to be lucky this CNY? 万事皆能财运到!

16. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia | Chinese New Year 2021

17. Daikin CNY 2021: The Extraordinary Family GO喜发财

18. Sony Malaysia — Celebrate a different Chinese New Year with us

19. 2021 Panadol Chinese New Year Short Film

20. Shopee Malaysia — A Chinese New Year Unlike Any Other

21. Spritzer CNY 2021 — #GotFengNoShui​

22. Foodpanda CNY 2021 — 福盼齐多, 美食年货多​

23. Pizza Hut Malaysia — Celebrate CNY Merriment with Sweet & Sour Cheesy Bites!​

24. Acson CNY 2021 (新年MooOn, AcsonModeOn)

25. Ribena CNY 2021: 迎新年之双倍欢乐 DOUBLE THE JOY

26. LEGO Chinese New Year Video — Directed by Danny AhBoy

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